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Tiling Services

Tiling Services includes installing ceramic or porcelain tiles for walls or floors. Customize your floor according to your own individual style and taste. Renovation Specialist is here to help you and guide you. We can advise you on the suitability of the types of tiles, and area you intend to install the tiles. It would also be based on functionality as well as beauty of the tiles according to the house owner’s preference. We are highly experienced contractors who care for your needs with our many creations. Hence, tile flooring is giving the floors the required beauty and practicability.

Where tiling is usually installed

Usually, tiles mostly are installed on the walls and floors for the house renovation or commercial renovation. Most commonly, we install these indoor tiles in kitchen, bathroom, toilets, living, dining, hotel lobby, floor and walls for restaurants. The size of tiles would depend on customer preference. However, most people would opt for larger size tiles such as 2 feet by 2 feet. It gives the whole place a more aesthetic and classy feel. However, you may mix it with some tiles of 2 feet by 1 feet, just to have some mixture in designs.

There are another type of tiles are called outdoor tiles, where it is installed in car porch, pavements and walls for commercial buildings. These tiles are usually of higher density, able to withstand high foot traffic, and can last longer. It also has some textures on the tiles, especially for flooring, to avoid being slippery.

We have different specialist focusing on different types of renovation, as well as another team focusing on individual small renovation works such as electrical, plumbing and painting. And for higher skills services, such as roofing, waterproofingspecial effect painting and epoxy, we have another team of associates in this area.

Normally, in this industry, one person cannot be expected to be an expert in so many different areas. However, we do group together a pool of like-minded experts in household construction industry, to give our customer a more comprehensive service. It is only with this reason that we can grow and get in larger projects from developers and architects for design and build projects.


Therefore, if you are looking for general contractors for renovation, you can always look for us. But if you need a specialist to rectify certain problems, we have another team of associate specialist on these specialise works. Do call us and let us know your problem, and we will know who to assign to handle your request.

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