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Design and Build

Design and Build is another type of renovation work, where we will tear down the existing structure. Then we also will design the structural layout, the electrical layout, and the plumbing layout. Next, we will design the room layout as well as the entrance of the new house. Finally, we will also complete the final furnishing and fittings as well as interior designs of the house.

This is one of the major renovation works because it involves demolishing the existing building, and building a strong lasting house. Usually this type of work would generally require a work permit from the authorities. Besides that, you will need an architect to draw up the design and layout. Lastly, engineering expertise is also needed for different structural and civil engineering.

Types of Services

As design and build project involves a whole scale build-up of a new house, it covers many different types of renovation services after the engineering planning. Firstly, it includes flooring and tiling services. Next, the other renovation services that we cover would include roofing installation. Besides that, other services include plumbing and wiring services.

Important area in design and build would include proper waterproofing, especially for the toilets and bathroom. This is often overlooked by normal contractor who is not specialist. Besides that, safety features in designing the house is also commonly overlooked. For example, absence of railing on the stairs may pose safety hazards. Or in appropriate flooring for car porch, which may not consider the slippery hazards of outdoor layout is another potential problem.

Why Us?

Hence, it is important to get a qualified and experienced contractor if you are looking to design and build your bungalow. We have numerous projects ranging from single storey to three storey design and build project which we executed. These projects are in The Mines, Setiawangsa, Bukit Tunku, Kajang and Petaling Jaya. Besides residential projects, we have also participated in commercial projects such as factories, as joint contractor.


Thus, do call us if you are looking to design and build your house. Regardless if it includes the entire project management including delivery, or just merely executing construction work, we are happy to join. Our pricing is also reasonable with assured quality.

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