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Carpeting is one of the necessities in any office renovation. Unless your existing office have a fairly new and suitable carpet, if not, moving into a new office always require us to change the carpet. It may be that the old carpet is dirty, or musky, having your office renovation just would not feel complete without a brand new office carpet.

Notes to look out for Carpeting

1. What is the existing flooring? Need to dismantle and dispose old carpet?

This is a crucial question to ask when you want to estimate the pricing for carpeting. Usually, if the previous office has a carpet, we need to incur more cost to get the installer to remove the previous carpet, before we can install the new carpet.

2. Colour theme of your carpets

When you choose your new carpets, it is advisable to think about the theme color of the office. We have more attractive color and design to fulfill with your needs. Besides, you should also consider if you want something darker which is more resistance to dirt and stains.

3. Thickness of your carpets

This is another key concern in choosing your carpets. If you want a longer lasting carpet, you should choose a thicker carpet. Usually, the recommended carpet can range from 1mm to 5mm. However, if you are looking for event carpet, it is better to choose a thinner carpet, for mobility purpose.

4. What stage in renovation should carpet installation be?

Carpet should be the last part of renovation, after all the plaster ceiling and painting has been done. This is because during renovation, it may cause paint marks and dirtiness on the office. Hence, once all renovation work is completed, only then should we replace the entire new carpet.


Therefore, if you are looking for office renovation, you should take a deep consideration about carpeting. Apart for that, metalic epoxy also importance design for office renovation too. This is bare minimum required for a normal office renovation, especially if you want to build a professional impression for your office.

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