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Another common major renovation works is called an extension. It could be an extension of wet kitchen, or extension of car porch, or even extension of second floor bedroom. It also requires structural expertise, if you are doing extension affecting the second floor or porch extension. If you get an inexperience contractor, you may be worried about the safety hazard from the new structure.

There are certain requirements issued by the local authorities, which governs the extension. For example, any legal extension at the back of the house cannot extend beyond 5 feet from the end of the back compound. As for the front extension, it cannot be more than 7 feet from the front gate.

Types of Services

An extension project would usually involve tiling services for kitchen extension, as well as some plumbing and wiring services. Whilst a room extension or car porch extension would involve stone installation, roofing installation as well as partition and plaster ceiling. All these include not forgetting painting services which is a must for any renovation work.

Why Us?

Hence, it is important to get a qualified and experienced contractor if you are looking for an extension to your existing house or shop. It may not involve whole scale tearing down and rebuild the entire structure. It could just be a brick or wood extension, erected to build a permanent extension. We have numerous projects ranging from single storey to three storey extension project. These projects are in Seri Kembangan, Setia Alam, Klang, Bangsar, Setiawangsa, Bukit Tunku, Kajang and Petaling Jaya.


Therefore, if you are looking for general contractors for renovation, you can always look for us. But if you need a specialist to rectify certain problems, we have another team of associate specialist on these specialise works. Do call us and let us know your problem, and we will know who to assign to handle your request.

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