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Special Effect Painting

Special Effect Painting revolves around different technique of paint finishing. This unique finishing creates different texture and colour mix to create a different feel. However, these specialised painting requires highly skilled labour, spending longer time to create these special effect. As comparison, a normal painting job may need 2 days to complete. But if we do special effect painting, it needs more than double the time to complete.

To accentuate the special effect painting, a painting contractor would need to firstly do proper skimming on the wall. This skim coating would ensure the wall is flattened. Hence, any effect on the wall would look consistent, and fully professional. Next, you need a layer of undercoat. Subsequently, depending on which type of special effect painting you choose, there are different techniques that we can use. There are brush techniques, sponging techniques, scraping techniques, as well as colour mixture techniques.

Types of Special Effect Painting

  1. Cement Texture Finishing– It has vertical scraping effect. It is done using plaster mixture with paint. The roughness of the texture finishing depends on customer preference.
  2. Texture Finishing– This is common concrete effect texture finishing, with fine texture that is consistent across the wall.
  3. Sponging Finishing– This is done using sponge to create the special effect finishing. It focuses on the colour finishing, hence the texture may not stand out.
  4. Grey Faux Marbling– This special effect painting is styled to mirror the marble effect. It has colour mixture techniques without any texture painting effect.
  5. Stucco Finishing– Stucco is a finer marble effect finishing, with less grains of colour mixture. More suitable for high end interior decoration with minimalist style.
  6. Colour Wash Finishing– It is a free-style colour mixture finishing. This is the most budget type of special effect painting. It has the most subtle effect in terms of finishing effect.


Hence, if you are looking for special effect painting, look no further. Get our professional and skilful painting contractor to give your house renovation, an added depth in taste and style. Be different from the normal painting. Get a style to matches your preference and your interior decoration. We have executed special effect painting project in Mont Kiara, The Mines, Damansara, Putrajaya, KLCC, Ampang, Bukit Tunku, Cheras, Sungai Long as well as many other locations.

We also cover other renovation services such as wiring, plaster ceiling, plumbing as well as tiles flooring.

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